Lucrezia Fortuna-Pillbury

"My father, inventor of the toaster strudel, will not be pleased..."


Job: Gambler

Stacked Deck
Save the Day
Double Up


Lucy was born into the wealthy Pillsbury dynasty, a family whose mercantile interests could be found across the world. Determined to escape the confines of her privileged (but isolated) upbringing, she became a young rake, causing trouble and taking risks. Bouncing from hobby to hobby, frequently going back to gambling, then chasing after a new interest, she seemed to live a charmed and carefree life.

One day, she read a book about archaeology that cited the dangers posed by treasure hunters. The idea intrigued her, and she decided to find some old ruins, thoroughly explore them, and then decide for herself which side of that conflict she wanted to be on. A creepy old man with a twisted beard heard she was seeking to form an expedition, and offered to guide her. His only price was a simple ring, which he assured her was of simple cultural value, and not at all associated with a certain track-riding Esper.

Lucy agreed, of course, and had a grand adventure slipping past ancient traps and solving riddles that must have been fiendishly clever at some point, but were now common knowledge. Upon reaching the treasure chamber, the old man was disappointed to discover the ring was not what he expected, and muttered something about finding a lamp instead. Lucy picked up the discarded ring and decided to wear it as a memento, because she liked the way the three bands on the ring freely spun round and round.

Turns out the ring was a powerful artifact of uncontrolled magic. She’s now the owner of a magical slot machine. The old man probably feels rather silly.

Lucrezia Fortuna-Pillbury

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